Muse Asked to Score Clash of the Titans Remake

Muse Asked to Score <i>Clash of the Titans</i> Remake
Muse may soon be making the jump to the silver screen, as the British trio are mulling over composing the score for the upcoming remake of the 1981 Clash of the Titans fantasy flick.

Front-man Matt Bellamy has recently revealed that film work is something he hoped to eventually get into, with this project marking the first musical score work for the band.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Bellamy told the UK newspaper that the band may score the film if they can find some time in their upcoming world tour, which kicks off tomorrow (January 7) in South Korea.

"It's something we're up for doing; it's just a case of timing because we're always on tour," he said. "Clash of the Titans is the first interesting offer we've had for film work. We're definitely interested in writing for films at some point when we get a break from being on the road."

Bellamy also told The Ampersand that if they decide to take on the project, the music for the cult fantasy film will be "totally different to Muse."

The year is already off to a good start for Muse, as the cover of their fifth studio album, The Resistance, received an award for the Best Art Vinyl of 2010.

Clash of the Titans, directed by Louis Leterrier, will star Liam Neeson and is set to be released to theatres on March 26.

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