Mudhoney Prep 'Live in Berlin, 1988' DVD

Mudhoney Prep 'Live in Berlin, 1988' DVD
Following Mudhoney's I'm Now documentary, the veteran Seattle alt-rock band have announced plans to release a new concert film. The DVD, which has the self-explanatory title of Mudhoney: Live in Berlin, 1988, is due out on November 13 through !K7 Records.

The film was shot during Mudhoney's first-ever foreign show, which took place less than a year after the group formed. This appearance at the Berlin Independent Days festival was professionally filmed, but the footage was forgotten about for many years.

The setlist draws from the band's then-unreleased Superfuzz Bigmuff EP and subsequent self-titled LP. According to a press release, it's "a glorious mess of flailed hair, acidic caterwaul, gnarly riffage and fried guitar skronk."

In a statement, frontman Mark Arm noted that the band had not played outside of the Pacific Northwest prior to the German festival. "To be flown out to Berlin to play a show, at that point, seemed almost like a joke to us," he said.

The concert is more than 40 minutes long, and the DVD also includes an interview with Arm. Audio from the concert was previously released by Sub Pop as part of 2008's Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition. Watch a couple of songs from the performance below.