Mr Twin Sister Announce New Album, Share "Blush"

Mr Twin Sister Announce New Album, Share 'Blush'
This spring, dreamy New York indie pop group Twin Sister switched things up by changing their name to Mr. Twin Sister. Now, they've unveiled their first album under the new moniker. Their self-titled effort will be out on September 23 on Twin Group/Infinite Best.

This announcement comes with another small moniker change, as the period has been removed from the "Mr" in "Mr Twin Sister." The band tweeted, "Left the period off Mr cause YOLO."

The album includes the previously unveiled cut "Out of the Dark," plus the newly shared "Blush." While the former is a sequencer-driven thumper, the latter drifts hazily amid a cloud of pillowy keys and strings. Hear both songs below.

Both tunes feature string quartet arrangements by Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna. They were produced and mixed by the band, along with Jon Low; we're guessing that the same team worked on the rest of Mr Twin Sister too.

The album can be ordered over on iTunes. A few of the tracks clock in at more than six and a half minutes.

Mr Twin Sister:

1. Sensitive
2. Rude Boy
3. In the House of Yes
4. Blush
5. Out of the Dark
6. Twelve Angels
7. Medford
8. Crime Scene