Mr. Hudson on Kanye West: "He Hasn't Gone Crazy" and May Make An Old-School Rap Record

Mr. Hudson on Kanye West: 'He Hasn't Gone Crazy' and May Make An Old-School Rap Record
After Kanye West pulled his notorious stunt on Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs, the world waited for the revelation that he was having a meltdown. Then, when he cancelled his hotly tipped tour with Lady Gaga, the rumours started brewing that he was entering rehab and embarking on a spirit quest to India.

Now, in an interview with the Daily Star [via Digital Spy], British singer and recent Kanye collaborator Mr. Hudson has weighed in on the situation.

"Kanye West hasn't gone crazy or entered rehab after the Taylor Swift MTV awards debacle - I just think everything around him went crazy," he explained. "I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he was keeping a low profile, which is sensible. He's been working so hard, touring, producing stuff for Jay-Z and Rihanna, while also doing shoots for Louis Vuitton."

While making beats for A-listers and hawking Louis Vuitton sounds like business as usual for the rapper, Hudson also suggested that Kanye is getting back to basics, saying, "Kanye's getting back into rapping. He might make an old-school record on a tape deck, like the Beastie Boys used to do. Just a drum machine, ghetto blaster and a microphone."

Sure, it's just a rumour from an indirect source but imagine how good such a bare-bones rap record would sound.