Mouthus Follow This House

On Follow This House, Brooklyn terror drone ear butchers Nate Nelson and Brian Sullivan ease up on the usual unrelenting sonics, offering a four-course menu of lighter, gamier fare. The duo have pared down their formerly overwhelming brutality, showcasing a slow-burn fuzz maelstrom fit for those that prefer their noise a little easy on the cranium. All the elements that make up a Mouthus record are present: melted piles of alien guitar hedonism, barely discernable vocal histrionics and clattering drum agony. These individual fragments are assembled with care and space is provided for thoughtful pondering amidst the ghostly warbling and slow motion galloping. Those who believe that Mouthus are simply a couple of brainless thugs intent on senseless eardrum damage will think twice after giving Follow This House a listen. This album demonstrates the duo’s malleability and intellect in the face of an ever-growing sea of mundane noise groups. (Important) (Important)