Motörhead Stage Fright

Considering that Motörhead has basically been performing the same set (what's that song, "Ace of…" something or other?) for the past three decades, with a few anomalies injected to keep the punters guessing, one will most likely question the validity of Stage Fright, yet another live anniversary DVD. That query is doubled considering that 2001's Boneshaker celebrated these bombers' Silver Jubilee in the same manner, and the fact that Lemmy and crew have done little of interest since. Still, the answer is a resounding "yes, it's worth it!," with Stage Fright being a double-disc recorded in Germany, 2004, that features not only elaborate packaging (a nice way to say lots of pretty, full-colour photos), multi-camera live footage and treats such as Rock ‘N' Roll's "Just ‘Cos You Got The Power" and "I Got Mine," from Another Perfect Day, blending seamlessly with obligatory cuts such as opener "Dr. Rock" and "Overkill." And where Boneshaker was severely lacking in extras, bonuses here include fan mugging, a "making of" and road crew testimonials that do feel a bit like padding but offer more insight into the raw, primal world of this timelessly rockin' trio. (SPV/Fusion III)