Motörhead Stage Fright

This new double DVD capturing a performance from the 2004 Inferno tour filmed in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a real treat. Containing the classics — "Ace of Spades," "Killed By Death," "Iron First," etc. — interspersed with lesser-known songs such as "Dr. Rock" and "Dancing On Your Grave," the set is consistent throughout. The current incarnation of the band (Lemmy, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee) proves the tightest yet. Captured quite impressively in high definition and sounding great in both 2.0 Dolby and 5.1 surround, since Motörhead's motto is "everything louder than everything else" make sure to turn this up loud. Bonus features include a band commentary, documentaries on their crew and fans, a downloadable ringtone, discography, slide show and the band's show rider. (SPV/Fusion III)