Motion Man Clearing The Field

Probably best known for dropping "The Terrorist" with DJ Vadim a few years ago, Motion Man has finally dropped his first full-length and he seems to have exceeded any expectations people might have had. It's been almost ten years since Motion Man dropped his twelve-inch, "Mo Like Flows On," and he has just been popping up here and there, but not really dropping a joint to call his own until now. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. Produced entirely by KutMasta Kurt, the beats are extremely solid and seriously bumping, with forceful bass lines. Motion drops lyrical nuggets with the humour factor you would expect by now. This is a completely feel good record that is meant to get the room moving with cuts like "Hold Up," featuring the infamous Biz Markie, and the insanely catchy "C'mon On Y'all." This is the record that underground cats can admit to falling in love with while at the same time, not being embarrassed by it, unlike hiding the fact that we all think the closing beat in Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You" is great. Just as the Neptunes have done for the mainstream, Clearing The Field is running along the same lines with hard-hitting production that still manages to keep everything on the underground tip. Heavyweight MCs such as Planet Asia and Kool Keith also drop lyrical bombs, and the whole project almost comes off as flawless. The only shame is a bling-bling parody that closes the record, and after subtly carrying humour all that way, it feels like Motion and Kurt just dropped the ball. Still, this is definitely a fantastic hip-hop record that is anything but boring. (Threshold)