Moth Circus Sideshow Sweetheart

Strange that a band from somewhere as progressive and individualistic as Norway would deem themselves to have created "the most unique and inventive album of the year" while pulling from some of the most obvious and dated resources imaginable, namely American hair metal. While clearly more profound and self-valuing than to slap out something the likes of Poison would cringe at, there's certainly a healthy dose of Stateside radio rock on Sideshow Sweetheart, an album that revels in a time when Mötley Crüe were "destroying the minds of our youth" or whatever else the PMRC would say. Still, because of a decided Backyard Babies and Hellacopters influence on some of these tracks, there's an air of longing hooks and buoyant melodies. One could say that the album does hold up after repeated listens and intimates towards bigger and better for Moth Circus. That, however, will only happen once they get visions of their own The Dirt-esque debaucherous tell-alls out of their heads. (Rocksector)