Moses Guest Moses Guest

Talk about not judging a record by its cover. The American Gothic images gracing the packaging makes you wonder if you have the right CD in the case. Can the Deadhead-y jams really belong to this band? Do the full-on strings include the banjo on the cover? Well spark 'em up, kiddies, because mama and papa are going be tripping the light nostalgic with Moses Guest's self-titled release. Named after singer Graeme Guest's great-great-great grand pappy, the rest of the clan are James Edwards (drums), Jeremy Horton (bass) and Rick Thompson (keys). Riffing '70s southern California through the Texas dust on their fifth release, Moses Guest are musically tight and lyrically stream of consciousness. You just have to go along with the ride, if this is your bag. However, there aren't really any highlights to this experience, as it all smushes together, and that's where it falls down. (Independent)