Morrissey Becomes Subject of Business Study

Morrissey Becomes Subject of Business Study
Morrissey has taught us a lot: meat is murder, some girls are bigger than others, we hate it when our friends become successful. But rarely do we take the former Smiths front-man’s words to have any inner business teachings. Nevertheless, a team of British academics have produced an 8,000-word study putting old Moz’s words to the relationship dynamics in the business world.

The study recently published in the British Food Journal, titled Business Relationships the Morrissey Way, takes the singer’s lyrics on relationship development, physical/emotional attraction and dissolution and applies them to the interpersonal dynamics between buyers and suppliers in the food industry (we assume these include those who partake in the animal flesh trade).

In one instance the authors, Sheena Leek, Dr. Martin Hingley and Dr. Adam Lindgreen, cite the lyrics from the Smiths song "Hand in Glove.” They say the lines "The sun shines out of our behinds. No it’s not like any other love. This one is different, because it’s us” reflect the business trend of dominant buys to being discriminating in their relationships with suppliers in such things as exclusivity agreements. (You get that?)

Here’s how the authors sum up Business Relationships the Morrissey Way: "The findings show that key concepts relating to business-to-business relationships (the need to enter relationships, power and dependency, and relationship break-up) are not always in the realms of corporate rational thinking. Alternatively, business decisions owe much to the less rational and more emotional world of interpersonal relations.”

This now means Morrissey has entered the world of academia like his former Smiths member Johnny Marr, who is now the Visiting Professor of Music at Salford University. I suppose they have indeed both fulfilled their own "Headmaster Ritual” after all.