Moodymann Forevernevermore

Forevernevermore is the second full-length album by Detroit underground house producer "Moodymann," aka Kenny Dixon Jr., for the Peacefrog label. On it, he offers an accessible and well-produced sound that moves from groovy disco-house to minimal techno without hesitation. Never shying away from pushing house music into new territories, Dixon Jr. jumps between the African funk sound of "Meanwhile Back At Home," an instant dance floor filler, to minimal techno beats, "The Set Up," with no apologies and little warning. Despite jumping around between musical genres, a smooth and soulful sound is maintained through out the entire CD, which includes two hidden tracks as well as a mega-mix of Kenny Dixon Jr. rarities. The lengthy Black American music and spoken word samples, which are a Moodymann signature mark, roughen up the otherwise slick sound of Forevernevermore, which might be a good thing. However, they have a tendency to go on far too long and seem a little self-indulgent. It is a small flaw in an otherwise inspired CD. (Peacefrog)