Monotract Trueno Oscuro

As a solo artist, noise impresario Carlos Giffoni unloads inchoate electronic mayhem in what seems like unsurpassable quantities. As a member of Monotract, along with drummer Roger Rimada and bassist Nancy Garcia, Giffoni plays down the abstract electron slinging and focuses on pumping out straightforward, technocratic punk. Trueno Oscuro is the mutant offspring of a rock/noise one-night stand followed by a botched electroshock abortion. Guitars and electronics duel overtop fiercely pummelled drums while the trio relieve each other on vocal duties. Briefly, time seems to stand still on "Under My Arm,” which finds an aloof Garcia lazily speak singing to a whirring machine. This track is an oasis of bliss in a desert of bionic cacophony. Experiments in stylistic fusion aren’t necessarily easy to pull off without sounding kitschy or half-realised. However, Monotract manage to cobble together a unique and cohesive sound that exudes an unlikely yet refreshing synergy. (Load) (Load)