Mondo Acquires UK Soundtrack Specialist Death Waltz Recording Company

Mondo Acquires UK Soundtrack Specialist Death Waltz Recording Company
Renowned soundtrack label Mondo has announced it's linked up with UK specialists Death Waltz Recording Company in a new merger that will fold the latter into the Austin, TX-based company's day-to-day.

The business move was announced this morning (September 18), just ahead of the inaugural MondoCon in Austin, which runs September 20 and 21. In a statement, it's been explained that Death Waltz founder Spencer Hickman will now also act as Mondo's label manager, working alongside Mondo's creative director Justin Ishmael.

"I looked at what we've achieved independently and then I started thinking what we can do together," Hickman said, adding of their plans, "We intend to build a full-service record label offering incredible music in all formats: vinyl, CD & digital. Our goal is to make Mondo the 'go-to' label for fans, filmmakers and composers alike."

The announcement adds: "Mondo's acquisition will allow both labels to elevate and increase releases in addition to expanding access. Mondo and Death Waltz are building a unified release schedule for 2015."

Despite the merger, it appears as if Death Waltz will still act as its own imprint under the umbrella of Mondo. Hickman recently announced his own Death Waltz sub-label, Originals, which will focus on promoting new artists. A newly re-imagined score to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi called The Hook and Pull Gang will be performed at MondoCon and released in a limited vinyl pressing of 800 copies.

In addition to the newly released vinyl pressing of Fabio Frizzi's Un Gato nel Cervello, Mondo will deliver new vinyl releases of Alex North's discarded score to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey; Nathan Johnson's Looper score, packaged with a 7-inch featuring Kid Koala; and Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead's Shaun of the Dead at the convention.

  You can check out some art from the releases below via Pitchfork.