20 Uñas

BY Chris AyersPublished Dec 1, 2004

España’s most hopeful successors to the Iron Monkey throne, Moho sling the sludge just as suffocatingly as Cavity or Eyehategod. A split release between Ohio’s Shifty Records and Spain’s Throne label, the band’s debut album doles out super heavy-handed hardcore with doom overtones and a two-pronged vocal attack of death screams and deeper growls. Opener "El Tren” is very reminiscent of II-era Keelhaul, encapsulating a mud-packed maelstrom that’s replete with bassist Iñaki’s snarling death vocals. "Culebra” devolves into Iron Monkey territory but lifts its head out of the sludge halfway through for some Southern-tinged, Beaten Back To Pure-styled soloing. Iñaki announces "Rompiendo Huesos” with a throaty howl as guitarist Raul rips into more upbeat, Cathedral-inspired doom’n’roll. While "Caronte (Escape)” sounds like Carcass aping Karma To Burn, "Gusano De Fuego” is a dead ringer for Iron Monkey: 12 lengthy minutes of pure sludge satisfaction, with requisite feedback and down-tuning. 20 Uñas tenders Moho as the next heavy-hitters, sure to make even the most cynical fans destructively happy.

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