Modeselektor "This" (ft. Thom Yorke) (Video)

Modeselektor 'This' (ft. Thom Yorke) (Video)
Last year, electronic eccentrics Modeselektor delivered the zombie-spiked video for their "Shipwreck" collaboration with Thom Yorke. Now, the pair have offered up a new clip for "This," the other dark and dramatic song the Radiohead frontman chimed in on for their Monkeytown LP.

The clip, directed and conceived by Andrew Jones for FutureDeluxe, is just as uncomfortable and wrought with tension, featuring a puppeteer hanging out in some sort of marionette graveyard/underground bunker making one of her wooden creatures come to life. She makes it do a jig, then reduces it to a quivering mass, but gets her comeuppance when a higher force starts to manipulate her motions.

You can check out the eeriness down below.