Modeselektor "Berlin" (video)

Modeselektor 'Berlin' (video)
In one of the cuter making-of stories in recent music video history, Modeselektor have agreed to play at a fan's wedding in exchange for their new video for "Berlin."

Graphic designer Francois Chalet lucked out when he called up Modeselektor's Monkeytown label with the request for the duo to play his wedding, something that Modeselektor agreed to in exchange for Chalet's video talents.

Chalet explained: "We want to get married, and we want Modeselektor to play there … They'll NEVER come and play at a wedding … And we wouldn't be able to afford them … Weeks later I emailed Monkeytown Records in order to prove to Meike, my future wife, that this idea will always stay an idea … One day later at the phone -- Monkeytown: 'You contacted us at the perfect moment -- we urgently need a good video because someone flaked on us!' One Skype conversation with Modeselektor … 3 weeks of hard work and little sleep … cardboard everywhere … lots of computer crashes and … Modeselektor will play at our wedding -- hurray!"

You can check out the fruits of Chalet's labour below by watching the cardboard cut-out animated video for "Berlin," which appeared on last year's Monkeytown LP.