Moby Claims Donald Trump's Russian Sex Tape Is "100% Real" in New Open Letter

Moby Claims Donald Trump's Russian Sex Tape Is '100% Real' in New Open Letter
Veteran electronic artist Moby has never shied away from political matters, recently asking a very valid question of America: "What the fuck is wrong with you?" The artist has continued his political commentary with a new, rather bone-chilling Facebook post.

Earlier today (February 13), Moby shared a lengthy Facebook post where he claims that some political insiders have confirmed our worst fears about President Donald J. Trump.

Last month, Buzzfeed published a lengthy dossier claiming that Trump had engaged in sex acts involving urination with some Russian prostitutes. The report alleged that Trump had been secretly filmed and was now being blackmailed by Russia.

After talking to his friends, Moby is convinced that the sex tape is "100% real," adding that the tape features "much more nefarious things" than the act of urination.

Further, Moby says that Trump is planning to launch a war with Iran. He adds that intelligence agencies around the world are working together to hopefully get Trump impeached.

Whether or not there's any veracity to these claims is yet to be seen, but it's a remarkably bold post from the self-proclaimed "Little Idiot" either way. Read Moby's full post below.