​Mobina Galore Sign to New Damage for 'Singles & B-Sides' EP, Premiere Video

​Mobina Galore Sign to New Damage for 'Singles & B-Sides' EP, Premiere Video
Winnipeg punk duo Mobina Galore followed up 2014's Cities Away with "You're Not 23 Anymore" last year, and now the band have unveiled plans for their next release. They've just signed with New Damage Records to put out an EP titled Singles & B-Sides on December 2.
Ahead of the EP's arrival, we're giving you the first look at the new video for "Spend My Day."
"'Spend My Day' is our favourite song on the Singles & B-Sides EP, so it was a clear choice to make this our first video," the band's Jenna Priestner tells Exclaim! "It was a creative collaboration between ourselves and Chris Gaudry (videographer) and was filmed at four locations in our hometown of Winnipeg."
The clip showcases shots of the two-piece performing in a barren white room, but those get interspersed with a more dramatic subplot that finds Priestner on the run through a forest.
"The weather has been fairly mild which allowed us, in November, to capture the outdoor visual we were looking for and not freeze!" she adds. "We're extremely happy with the way this video turned out and hope the storyline sparks some emotion in everyone who watches it."
You can see it for yourself right now in the player below.