Mitchell Akiyama Intr_Verse

Montréal-based electronic music producer Mitchell Akiyama clearly loves his computer. And it loves him back. With minimal gear and just two years of composing under his belt, Akiyama has crafted a wonderfully warm, articulate collection of experimental works. Before being seduced by the sounds of Autechre, Black Dog and David Kristian, Akiyama studied classical and jazz music - and it shows. Building all of his own sounds from the ground up, he speaks with a clear, precise voice. "I Tride" expresses passionately for all its sparseness, melancholic keyboards played over increasingly frantic beats, all resulting in a heart-wrencher of a piece. A strong songwriter, Akiyama knows how to pace himself. "Wit/h/old" is a favourite for its build, with elements added and stripped away from the mainstay of tech-y synths and solid, crunchy beats. Similarly, "S(th)ing" builds beautifully, this time with gentle keys sweeping and swooping alongside rich sub-bass. Mitchell is a master of moods, consistently climbing inside his works to tell a tale. Imagine a dream of accidentally stumbling across an entirely new landscape, feeling disoriented but enthralled, and you'll have the busy, beautiful and edgy "Behin Dawall." Intr_Verse is an incredible introduction to a bright new talent. Mitchell Akiyama performs alongside David Kristian and Thomas Jirku at Toronto's Reverb, July 28. (Intr_version)