Mint Records Saluted in New Book

Mint Records Saluted in New Book
From its early days pushing Cub and Pluto records to the surging success of the New Pornographers and current signees the Pack A.D., Vancouver indie label Mint Records has been thrilling the indie pop masses since the turn of the '90s. Canadian author/journalist Kaitlin Fontana hopes to highlight the countless characters that have helped the imprint thrive over the years via her new book, Fresh at Twenty: The Oral History of Mint Records.

A press release for the book, which comes out October 1 via ECW Press, explains that "Mint not only shaped the sound of Vancouver at the end of the 20th century, but helped usher in a golden age of Canadian popular music that still thrives today."

While not much info has been revealed as to how many bands Fontana spoke with, a blog post suggests that on top of discussing the origins of the imprint, co-founded by Randy Iwata and Bill Baker in 1991, the tome contains tour stories from the acts, including some from bluesy two-piece the Pack A.D.

"Almost every band I spoke to for Fresh at Twenty had a terrifying or hilarious Canadian tour story (often simultaneously)," Fontana wrote. "Bands even write songs about touring, and my favourite of these is probably the Pack A.D.'s 'BC is on Fire.' Not only is it about touring and having enough of it, it's also about coming back to a forest-fire ridden BC."

With a roster that has included many Vancouver notables, including Gob, the Smugglers, the Organ and Nardwuar's the Evaporators, to international acts like Pansy Division and Andrew W.K., we expect a wide range of stories dishing the details on one of Canada's most beloved labels.