Minotaurs Announce 'Weird Waves' LP, Share New Track

Minotaurs Announce 'Weird Waves' LP, Share New Track
Minotaurs are no strangers to funky Afrobeat adventurousness, and from the sounds of things, they're taking their sound to the next level on Weird Waves. This is the band's third album, and it will be out on March 11.

Project leader Nathan Lawr (also of King Cobb Steelie, Royal City and other groups) assembled the album from studio jams made with his live band, which he then tweaked and added to at home. Regarding this process, Lawr said in a statement, "That way, I can just follow my instincts and not explain anything to anybody. It can be slightly peculiar: things entering and leaving at odd times. That's really interesting to me as a listener. There's a lot more room, it's more relaxed."

Minotaurs have described Weird Waves as an "apocalyptic-psychedelic afro-folk epic." There are a number of guests including Tamara Lindemann of the Weather Station, Jonas Bonetta of Evening Hymns, AJ Johnson of Cuff the Duke and Kevin Lynn of Holy Fuck.

That's the album cover above. The tracklist is below; although there are just six songs, they add up to almost 35 minutes. At the bottom of the page, hear the track "Gold Rush Lady." It features Lindemann and is a dreamy, ambience-kissed disco-funk number.

Weird Waves is the follow-up to 2013's New Believers.

Weird Waves:

1. Underground Age
2. Stayed Too Long
3. Weird Waves
4. Blind Luck
5. Gold Rush Lady
6. Echoes