Minders Down In Fall

UK transplant Martyn Leaper created the Minders in Denver, CO, and has since transported this '60s-influenced musical juggernaut to Portland, OR, where their new EP was created. The Minders are simply the cream of the recent '60s pop uprising that continues to bubble underground. Having been completely enthralled with their singles collection and the classic tunes on the Hooray For Tuesday full-length, the five tracks here seem to be less single-minded in an attempt to experiment with the band's scope. While some tracks appear to be conceptual vignettes, like the "Time Machine" sound collage or the beer hall sing-along, "The Loneliest of Faces," the Minders' rollicking pop does rear its head on the leadoff "Young and With It." The highlights, however, are the harpsichord and flute-infused "On and On" and the piano-drenched ballad "Helen." While this would be plenty to tide us over until the next full-length, the EP comes with a revealing video interview, with Leaper in the studio exposing his workman-like approach to songwriting and his affinity for old-school recording techniques. A video for another new track called "Golden" is also included, and while the video is about as minimal as it gets, I would have to assume that they're saving this song for the next album because this soft drum-free excursion is stunningly beautiful. Down In Fall introduces a new depth that forsakes those instantaneous hooks for texture, dimension and richer songs that become more rewarding with each listen. (Spinart)