Mimico & Fresh Snow "Fate Screen" / "Mony Mony"

Mimico & Fresh Snow 'Fate Screen' / 'Mony Mony'
Toronto new wave revivalists Mimico are getting ready for the release of a split 7-inch with Fresh Snow and a new LP, both of which will feature the song "Fate Screen." Before either effort arrives, though, you can sample that split release online.

Sounding something akin to Speak & Spell-era Depeche Mode covering Suicide's "Girl," Mimico's "Fate Screen" plays out with a hypnotic three-note melody, a direct drum machine beat, and steely but tuneful faux-Brit accents. This later unfolds into '80s dream pop guitar textures and a retro-futuristic assemblage of oscillated synth sounds.

As for Fresh Snow's contribution, it's a warped and twisted remake of classic kegger anthem "Mony Mony," complete with angular guitar jabs, screeching electronics and some seriously bad-ass fuzz bass.

"Fate Screen" and "Mony Mony" arrive as a split 7-inch on November 25 through Reel Cod Records, with Mimico's full-length Incantations due in January. You can check out both songs from the single ahead of time via the player down below.