Milburn Well Well Well

It can’t be easy being Milburn. As a young band from Sheffield, it is almost impossible for them to escape from the shadows of the Arctic Monkeys (whom they are friends with), whether they wanted to or not. Fortunately, they’ve been able to use it to their advantage by accompanying their pals on tour just as the Arctics were hitting the top of the charts. So, Milburn were almost guaranteed to be noticed one way or another. But Milburn isn’t just a case of success by association because Well Well Well can comfortably stand on its own feet. It does lack some of the arrogant swagger their fellow Sheffielders pride themselves on, but their driving guitars are more than enough to create a few memorable moments on their debut. Yet, just like at the peak of the Britpop era, there are too many other bands whose songs are just a little more memorable than Milburn’s and they look to be remembered in the same way as Menswear or Shed Seven rather than Oasis or Blur. Still, there’s no reason to hang their heads in shame on Well Well Well, but they aren’t going to be the next big thing from Sheffield either. (Mercury)