Mike G "Highlights"

Mike G 'Highlights'
Mike G may not be one of the marquee stars from the Odd Future clan, but that very well could change via the upcoming release of the squad member's Award Tour II EP. The five-song effort lands in full January 26, but you can check out early standout "Highlights" a week ahead of time.

The smoothed-out production of the track features light, staccato piano tones, a breezy boom bap and various speaker-panning synth textures to help Mike G get his point across. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, as well as G's mellow flow, the guy reports he's a cancerous threat to all, a veritable menace to society to be dealt with.

You'll find the deceptively confrontational piece down below.

Award Tour II follows Mike G's first instalment in the series, which was delivered back in 2011.