Mike G 'Award Tour II' (album stream) / "Archer" (ft. Larry Susan) (video)

Mike G 'Award Tour II' (album stream) / 'Archer' (ft. Larry Susan) (video)
Odd Future up-and-comer Mike G dropped "Highlights" last week in anticipation of his new EP Award Tour II. Well, now the rapper is streaming the said set of songs in its entirety.
The new collection features contributions from fellow OFWGKTA members Tyler, the Creator and Left Brain, as well as Mac Miller and Larry Susan. The latter appears on EP cut "Archer," which has now been treated to some accompanying visuals.
The clip is mostly set at a house party gone wrong, featuring bright lights, terrifying puppets and an abundance of drugs. There's even a dude with a flip phone. Larry Susan makes his brief appearance count, chilling in a rooftop bathtub with a seemingly endless supply of liquor, ladies and of cigars.
You can see it in all its sleazy glory below. Scroll past the Award Tour II player to watch the video for "Archer."