Miguel "Coffee" (video)

Miguel 'Coffee' (video)
Miguel didn't even need to give his nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee song "Coffee" an explicit revisiting to let us know that the pillow soft bedroom jam was about more than a fresh cup of caffeinated goodness. He's dumbed it down for us another hundred shades with a skin-revealing video for the Wildheart version of the single.

Instead of a morning-after scenario between Mig and his lady clinking together a couple of cups at the kitchen table, we start off with the sight of them sensually scrubbing it up in the shower. From there, they roll around in bed in their undies, and give us a peek at what it might be like to spend some time with them beneath the sheets.

Though scripted, it's an intimate look at what a night with Miguel might be like. Whether sitting solo at the coffee shop, or maybe at your breakfast nook at home, you can give the video a peep down below. But remember, you're never truly alone when you have a half-carafe of Arabica by your side.

Wildheart hits stores June 30 via RCA. You can also check out a string of newly released teaser tracks from the album here