Mi'ens 'Challenger' (EP stream)

Mi'ens 'Challenger' (EP stream)
Vancouver math rock duo Mi'ens have just released a new EP called Challenger, which is available to stream in full below.

The release offers plenty of rhythmic twists and turns along with a surprisingly dense sound — you'll find it hard to believe there are only two people at work.

Of the release, the band offered up the following statement:

Mi'ens latest Challenger touches on ideas about political change, the end of the American Era (which Challenger represents in some ways- human progress vs the tragedy of over-reaching ambition), how the new instability affects all of us, from artists/musicians looking for viable spaces, to people forced to leave their homelands. The song Prussian Ellipses is sort of song for my grandmother, who was forced to leave Prussia at the end of WW2, and a play on the band name Russian Circles. These themes become inspiration for a private, introspective creative process. Challenger is a cautionary tale of a modern Icarus.

Stream Challenger in full below. The release is available now on a 10-inch record through Kingfisher Bluez.