Midways Pay More And Get A Good Seat

Christening the new Toronto-based label, Fuzzy Logic Recordings, local boys the Midways have given the label an impressive kick-off. Recorded in "a true Trashophonic low budget sound” by members of the FemBots, Pay More And Get A Good Seat is very unglamorous and raw, capturing the essence of true garage rock. What separates the Midways from the fakers is their decision to open up their music and include more genres into their resume. Fusing the ’60s punk of the Sonics, beach party surf rock, rockabilly and the original R&B, this band could fool any rock’n’roll appraiser. Their love for the Farfisa organ is a good choice as it takes full control over most songs, like it did 40 years ago when this music started. (Fuzzy Logic)