Michael Stipe Is Working on a Series of Books About His Life

The first photo book is expected to see release later this year
Michael Stipe Is Working on a Series of Books About His Life
R.E.M. have kept busy with reissues and anniversary editions since their 2011 split, but frontman Michael Stipe is set to embark on a more personal project by releasing a series of books about his life.

Speaking with The Creative Independent, Stipe revealed that the first book to see release will be a photo book compiled with frequent collaborator Jonathan Berger. The vocalist said the collection will see release later this year.

"It's the first in a series of books I'm releasing," Stipe told the site. "This one focuses on my timeline, on the work I've done all along, all through the band and back to my early 20s. It's all photo-based, but some of it's just documentation of things I'm obsessed with and that I focus on to make new pieces from. There are also certain things I'll take, recontextualize, and present as something completely different."

Stipe also told the New York Times in November 2016 that he would like to work in music again, inspired by performing in David Bowie tribute shows in New York last year. He will also crafting a new installation piece as part of the upcoming Moogfest, which takes place in Durham, NC, from May 18 to 21.