Michael Rault

Living Daylight

BY Corey HendersonPublished May 1, 2015

It's still pretty early in the year, but it's safe to say that Michael Rault has put out one of the best rock records of 2015. Living Daylight is a glam-inspired journey through love and partying. From the first wail, Rault sounds like the second coming of Marc Bolan, grooving and shaking through ten solid tunes.
A particular high point for the record is the funky, bongo-driven "Real Love (Yeah)." This is Rault at his most glam, with the guitar moving out of the spotlight and the rhythm section taking over. This happens again and again on this record, which is less about riffs and more about grooves. It's also fairly versatile, trading wild party jams for more laidback jams, such as the bluesy ode to breakups "Hiding From A Heartbreak" and the goofy psych ballad "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes."
What makes this record great is that it actually tackles some pretty serious stuff (loneliness, heartbreak, life and loneliness in a new place) without becoming too serious. Living Daylight rocks and grooves and has a good time, just like a proper rock'n'roll record should.
(Pirates Blend)

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