Michael Feuerstack Gets John K. Samson, Bry Webb, Jim Bryson for New Album

Michael Feuerstack Gets John K. Samson, Bry Webb, Jim Bryson for New Album
Now that veteran songwriter Michael Feuerstack has set aside his Snailhouse moniker, he's quickly amassing a catalogue under his own name. Less than a year since he released his debut album and a 7-inch, and now he's gearing up to drop another new LP called Singer Songer.

The vinyl release will be out on Record Store Day (April 19), while the CD and digital versions will follow on April 29 on Forward Music/Headless Owl. The album is being billed as Michael Feuerstack & Associates.

These Associates include John K. Samson (of the Weakerthans), Little Scream, Bry Webb (of Constantines), Jim Bryson, Devon Sproule, Leif Vollebekk, Mathias Kom (of the Burning Hell) and more. They will be singing songs that Feuerstack wrote specifically for their voices; Feuerstack doesn't sing any lead himself.

The album was recorded last summer and fall, with some singers recording vocals at Feuerstack's Montreal apartment and others sending in their contributions in from elsewhere.

"In the end, I think the songs sounds like mine, but there is something fundamentally different, too," Feuerstack said in a statement. "Maybe it's because of the process; maybe because I'm always changing. I like not knowing."

The tracklist is below and the cover artwork is above. Feuerstack has also got a couple of tour dates listed below. The Samson-featuring, lyrical folk cut "Friday Night Guard" is streaming at the bottom of the page.

Singer Songer:

1. Along the way (ft. Mathias Kom)
2. Out of Season (ft. Devon Sproule)
3. Did I? (ft. Bry Webb)
4. When I Pay You Back Someday (ft. Leif Vollebekk)
5. Friday Night Guard (ft. John K. Samson)
6. Stories (ft. Jessie Stein)
7. Lost and Found (ft. Jim Bryson)
8. Sure Enough II (ft. Angela Desveaux)
9. Don't Wait Up (ft. Little Scream)

Tour dates:

04/12 Guelph, ON - Kazoofest
04/13 Toronto, ON - The Piston