M.I.A. "Lemme Hump You" (ft. Blaqstarr)

M.I.A. 'Lemme Hump You' (ft. Blaqstarr)
M.I.A. has been snatching up oddball urls lately, and this latest one might just take the cake. A new collaboration with Blaqstarr called "Lemme Hump You" has been posted on www.ithinkyoumightgetshitforthat.com, and it's a spicy track for sure.

On the cut, Blaqstarr's salaciously smooth croon of "please let me hump you from the back," is backed by an ultra-minimal 808 beat, replete with chilled-out synth strings. M.I.A. verses encourage you to work that ass once you make it to the house. Jeez... is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?

If you're not already sucked in by the tune's trance-like pacing, the sexy animated silhouettes up on the site will hypnotize you for sure.

Stream "Lemme Hump You" here.