Metronomy "Hypnose" (Jean Michel Jarre cover)

Metronomy 'Hypnose' (Jean Michel Jarre cover)
As previously reported, Brit electro-pop group Metronomy are set to release the latest instalment in the long-running Late Night Tales series. The group's mix contains tunes from the likes of Outkast, Dr. Octagon, Cat Power, Chick Corea, Autechre and more. Also included on the collection is one exclusive Metronomy number, a cover of French new age composer Jean Michel Jarre's "Hypnose."

Metronomy's version of the track, which was written by Jarre for French hypnotist Dominique Webb, plays plenty similar to the original instrumental. The redo is a little longer and presents the tune with thicker drum production, but it's ultimately aping Jarre's layers of '70s sci-fi synths and moody church organ. It is, however, still quite pleasant, and you can hear it for yourself down below.

Metronomy's Late Night Tales arrives September 3.