Metallica to Issue All 2014 Concert Recordings in 27-Disc CD Box Set

Metallica to Issue All 2014 Concert Recordings in 27-Disc CD Box Set
After having treated fans to digital releases of their live sets over the last 10 years, Bay Area thrash legends Metallica are ready to up the ante by blessing the faithful with a mighty 27-disc box set of every single concert performance they undertook in 2014.

The quartet confirmed through their website that they will be celebrating's 10th anniversary with the massive physical package, with plans to deliver individual CD releases as well. The group explained that this is because fans have been clamouring for "old school," in-the-flesh editions of the live recordings.

They wrote, "We've been extremely proud to offer virtually every show we've done in the past 10 years as a download within days of the shows happening... sometimes even hours! Over the years we've been able to offer more download options adding HD audio and Apple lossless files to the mix, but we still get requests for the 'old school' compact disc. To celebrate 10 years of Live Metallica, we're going to make that happen! "

While the full box is expected to ship in December, CDs of their spring performances in Bogotá, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; and Lima, Peru are available now. Canadian fans will no doubt note that this means a physical edition of Metallica's August performance at Heavy MTL is on the way. You can get the full run-down of Metallica's 2014 show schedule, along with pre-order info, here .

Also on the horizon will be a small run of vinyl releases plucked from Metallica's 27-show cycle. Further integrating their fandom into the process, devotees are able to vote for their favourite concert to be pressed on 180-gram wax. The top four performances are expected to land in early 2015. Fans can check out each show's set list and vote for their favourite here until September 26.