Meshuggah Treat 'I' to Expanded Reissue

Meshuggah Treat 'I' to Expanded Reissue
Swedish metal maniacs Meshuggah have been on a rampage celebrating their 25th anniversary, first with a series of digipack reissues, then a North American tour and most recently with the announcement of their The Ophidian Trek live release. Now, the group have announced they'll be delivering an expanded edition of their titanic I EP.

Originally delivered in 2004 through Fractured Transmitter, the upcoming re-release hits this fall via Nuclear Blast. In addition to a remastered version of the titular 21-minute track, the expanded I includes a pair of cuts collected off The Ophidian Trek, as well a rarity called "Pitch Black."

Of "I," drummer Tomas Haake recalls that the song was done as a one-off for Fractured Transmitter that was originally intended to be "a little nugget of a song" before arriving as a 21-minute juggernaut. The group apparently took months piecing the track together in the studio.

"This song is really different as it wasn't 'written' in the normal sense, but recorded without anything more than very open guidelines/ideas as to what kind of style we wanted each part to have," Haake explained in a statement. "For example: The initial one-and-a-half-minute drum fill is an excerpt of around a 15-minute recording of me just randomly going off on a kick/tom fill. Once we had chosen which part of it to use, we had to chart out the hits on paper and guitarists Fredrik [Thordendal] and Mårten [Hågström] then basically used sight-reading/Avista to get the hits right while recording."

You'll find a stream of the tech-heavy number down below.

As for their The Ophidian Trek, the concert set arrives on Blu-ray and as a DVD/double-CD package later this fall, also through Nuclear Blast. The package features footage shot during European and North American legs of their "The Ophidian Trek" tour, with the material presented as a concert film and on accompanying audio CDs.


1. I
2. Bleed (live)
3. Dancers To A Discordant System (live)
4. Pitch Black