Mescalito We Disappeared in Style

Mescalito is easy listening lounge music with a strong jazzy element, coupled with psychedelic organs and tripped out guitar notes. This album does not commit itself to any particular direction, offering to skirt around the fringes of the listener's consciousness instead, functioning as background music that's ideal for clothing stores, or a soiree. For those who appreciate a laid-back, lounge-y, pseudo electric trip-hoppy acid-jazzy album to relax to, this is for you. There are some exceptions, such as "Lovegate," the Skylab remix that takes the music a bit further in a Kraut rock direction, providing an exceptionally long and more daring tangent. Mescalito tracks could easily be put on a "middle of the road" acid jazz compilation likely coming soon to a Gap play-list near you. (Tummy Touch)