Meredith Graves "Took the Ghost to the Movies"

Meredith Graves 'Took the Ghost to the Movies'
Since Perfect Pussy's buzzworthy breakthrough, singer Meredith Graves has launched a solo career of sorts, and now she's shared a new single from "Took the Ghost to the Movies."

The song begins with sparse acoustic strums, but this turns out be a fake-out, since it explodes with distortion at the 36-second mark. But even in its loudness, this is a big departure from Grave's past work, since the hazy vocals and shoegazing wall of sound are less jarring than Perfect Pussy's shock-and-awe approach.

This is half of a split 7-inch with Kevin Devine called Devinyl Splits No. 2. It's due out on May 26 through Bad Timing Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Graves said in a statement about Devine, "When Kevin and I first became friends, we realized so quickly within days of meeting each other that we had an extremely open space between us. We talk about everything, I trust him. It felt better to approach this as 'What can we do for each other if we have this amount of space to fill?' We were both very sad and thinking about things a lot. He told me that he was going to use our space to approach this traumatic event that he went through. I told him I could meet that. I could be honest."

Hear "Took the Ghost to the Movies" below [via Spin].