Mercenaries Don't Worry About It

Far from uninteresting or of no further use, the combined stream-of-consciousness growling and dexterous musicianship of these self-admitted "washed-up dudes making music" on Don't Worry About It is interestingly jagged and obtuse. In truth, hearing these fives songs, it's their most redeeming factor. No, it doesn't seem incredibly difficult to unite the frenetic tendencies of Psyopus with Dillinger Escape Plan's hyperactive jazz-hardcore but doing it well is something else altogether. Mercenaries? They do it incredibly well, even when they do veer off into some trying artiness even Black Flag would have avoided in their later years. Much of Don't Worry About It is inspired, well engineered and stirring, making fresh use of some well-worn influences. (Feast or Famine)