Memoryhouse "To the Lighthouse"

Memoryhouse 'To the Lighthouse'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Guelph, ON's Memoryhouse (not to be confused with Philadelphia's Memory Tapes or Memory Cassette) have received a lot of blog love lately from the likes of Gorillavsbear and P4K. And deservedly so. The duo have created some terrific electro dream pop tracks, available as the Years EP, a free download via Arcade Sound Ltd.

"To the Lighthouse" is the best thing the group have done so far, mixing Evan Abeele's atmospheric electronics with lackadaisical, cool vocals courtesy of singer Denise Nouvion. Already available on the aforementioned Years EP, the track is getting a physical release from Evident Records. The seven-inch is available March 2 and limited to 500 copies. It's backed by "Bonfire" and every pre-order comes with a download of new track "Coma." There's also a very cool remix of the song up on the group's MySpace page.

Listen to "To the Lighthouse" by Memory House here.