Memoryhouse "Quiet America" (video)

Memoryhouse 'Quiet America' (video)
Come September 13, Sub Pop will reissue Memoryhouse's debut EP The Years. The re-release will be remastered and expanded, with the group adding two new tracks to the EP. One of those newbies, "Quiet America," now has been treated to its own music vid.

Directed by Jamie Harley, the video is a simple one, showing the band's Denise Nouvion looking mighty sad and mournful as she reflects on a lake. However, it does fit the simple, stripped-down song rather well.

Check it out below.

Memoryhouse have a few Canadian dates lined up, including stops in Toronto on September 2 and 3 and in Montreal on September 5.

Quiet America from memoryhouse on Vimeo.