Memory Tapes (aka Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes) Lines Up Full-Length Debut Seek Magic

Memory Tapes (aka Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes) Lines Up Full-Length Debut <i>Seek Magic</i>
If you've been following Exclaim!'s Click Hear recently, it's no big secret that we're kind of in love with the one-man music machine Dayve Hawk. Over the last year, there's been a flurry of activity from this Philly/New Jersey resident, who performs as Weird Tapes, Memory Cassette and Memory Tapes. Yeah, all the monikers can be a bit confusing, but basically whatever dude touches comes out a bit dancey, a bit hazy and pretty damn awesome. And since Hawk has yet to let us down, we're pumped that Memory Tapes is finally getting a proper full-length debut.

The album is called Seek Magic and due out via Rough Trade Shops next week, with the increasingly awesome Canadian imprint Acephale handling a very limited vinyl version, on white/blue "haze" vinyl no less. Rough Trade says the record "is the first in a steady stream of releases from Memory Tapes," adding that a "psychedelic girl group record" is up next.

If you've yet to check out Memory Tapes - or Hawk's other projects - Rough Trade offers this little bio: "The sound is nostalgic both aesthetically and emotionally - so there is little surprise when comparisons drift to outfits such as Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, New Order and Boards of Canada. More established pop references come through as well, with echoes of classic Motown and girl groups."

For a bit more background, click here or here to check out our previous Click Hear columns on Hawks, as well as to scoop up some free MP3s.

The CD version of Seek Magic will be released Monday (August 24) through Rough Trade and comes with a bonus disc featuring a 30-minute instrumental (you can order it here). Acephale's LP version comes out on September 29 and is limited to 1,000 copies.

Seek Magic:

1. "Swimming Field"
2. "Bicycle"
3. "Green Knight"
4. "Pink Stones"
5. "Stop Talking"
6. "Graphics"
7. "Plain Material"
8. "Run Out"