The Memories Attack The Memories Attack

Comprised of Chris Thompson of Eric’s Trip and Ron Bates of Orange Glass, the Memories Attack are a hazy, sludgy pop duo and their debut has an infectiously upbeat, if delicate, feel. In many ways, the Memories Attack recall the heady days of the mid-’90s Maritimes "pop explosion,” when a pervasive lo-fi aesthetic enabled noisy, peppy bands to write and record prolifically. Meeting in Moncton as kids, Thompson and Bates have some history between them and their recorded output also nods to a regional rock tradition. Mostly arriving in quick bursts, songs like "Love in the Time of Hate” and "Timeline: Gone” are irresistible blasts of grit and energy. "Summertime” retains a pop song structure but is unhinged enough to stray into noise rock territory. There are instances where Thompson’s past ET work is apparent, such as the highly mixed guitar lines and confused, pained screams of "End it All (Before it Begins).” There are resigned moments too, such as "Murmur,” which, ironically, sounds like Mike Mills singing lead ahead of a fuzzed up R.E.M. By and large though, the emotionally-charged rockers make the Memories Attack an exciting new venture from two noise pop experts. (Little Mafia)