Members of Frightened Rabbit, Delgados, Twilight Sad Team Up as Fruit Tree Foundation

Members of Frightened Rabbit, Delgados, Twilight Sad Team Up as Fruit Tree Foundation
Last year, a number of Scottish musicians teamed up to put together an album as part of 2010's Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues. Led by Idlewild member Rod Jones and the Delgados' Emma Pollock, the musicians recorded some tunes in a Perthshire farmhouse and called the project the Fruit Tree Foundation. The collective's album, First Edition, is now finally getting a wide release.

A press release for the set points to Jones and Pollock being joined by the following Scottish musicians: James Graham (Twilight Sad), Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), Jill O'Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), Karine Polwart, Jenny Reeve, AlasdairĀ Roberts and James Yorkston.

While the album was available for sale exclusively at two concerts in Edinburgh and Glasgow last October, Scottish imprint Chemikal Underground will be issuing a proper version June 28. The Mental Health Foundation, A Scottish Wave of Change, and Breathing Space are all also partnering with the Fruit Tree Foundation to help with the release.

The PR reads: "Scotland's finest and most exciting artists from the indie and folk music scene come together to explore the relationship between creativity and mental health by writing and producing a brand new album featuring unique pairings and one-off collaborations between some of our most intriguing songwriters."

You can download "I Forgot the Fall" by Scott Hutchison and Rod Jones here.

"All nine of us walked in on the first day really quite unaware of what we were about to do, but ultimately the music written carried us all along and the atmosphere in the house was always really positive," Pollock said of the experience. "Music takes you out of yourself and you can become engrossed in its mood and momentum. This change of perspective can be a wonderful thing and I love the fact there's so much music out there for us to dive into any time we want to go somewhere new."