Megadeth Rude Awakening

Mustaine and the boys have finally called it a day, putting a metal legend to rest and leaving the world on a somewhat anti-climactic note with this double live disc (which was also released on DVD/VHS). There's not much to complain about here, it's just the concept of the live release is innately annoying and sort of insulting to most fans. Megadeth deliver the goods here though, with a two-hour mosh through their legacy of classic thrashers. From the early youthful exuberance of "Hook In Mouth" and the unfortunate inclusion of "Mechanix" (skip the intro rant, it doesn't help matters any) to the band's more mature metal, like the severely underrated "Ashes In Your Mouth" and timeless classic "Symphony Of Destruction," all eras of the band are covered here. Thankfully, not too much time is spent on Risk or even The World Needs A Hero-era songs; a wise move, as no one would want their swan song to include that sort of thing. As it stands, Megadeth didn't disgrace their name too much in their lengthy and impressive career and will be remembered fondly by most metalheads. (Sanctuary)