Meanderthals Desire Line

While University of Alberta academic Matthew Tiessen may have defined a "meanderthal" as "a human hell-bent on disrupting modern life's delicate flow," there are few offending qualities to be found in Meanderthals, the group. Composed of disco-peddling Norseman Rune Lindbæk and eclectic UK house twosome Idjut Boys, the trio are as downbeat as they come, taking hippie-fried psych, nu-Balearic disco-sis and dub, blending it all up and coming out with Desire Lines. It's an album that's definitely in a similar vein to the recent work of fellow space travellers Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas, but also one that capitalizes on that sleepy-eyed West coast vibe heard in Studio, Windsurf and Quiet Village. Languid approach aside, Meanderthals never drift off course during their maiden voyage, keeping it fluid and loose but never lazy and dull. (Smalltown Supersound)