Mayday! Mayday!

Do you remember finally hearing Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy” for the first time, after the news of its phenomenal rise up and out of the internet? And being surprised at how warm and un-viral it was? Well, the people handling press for Mayday’s "Groundhog,” which apparently blew up on, would have you think that the exact same thing happened there, if for no other reason than Cee-lo sings the chorus of this one too. The track by Miami’s rapper Bernbiz and producer Plex is good, bouncy Miami-club influenced hip-hop with a work-a-day chorus from Cee-lo and some cuts by DJ Craze. It’s no "Crazy,” but it is a strong single. The album itself is, for the most (and best) part, is 90 BPM Dungeon Fam-ish big beats from Plex and competent rapping from Bernbiz. In fact, it’s good enough that this flavour-of-the-month press campaign seems to be an insult to an album that could have been sold on its own merits. After all, You Tube has by now moved on to figuring if Lonelygirl15 is real. (Rump)