Matt Monoogian "Sentimental Sounds"

Matt Monoogian 'Sentimental Sounds'
Guelph-based songwriter Matt Monoogian will deliver his debut full-length Hide on November 6, and to up the anticipation, Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to the album's opening track "Sentimental Sounds."
The new record hears the gentle, soulful singer-songwriter tackling tough topics like struggles with addiction and physical and mental health issues. The songs come to life with the help of producer and musician Thomas Hammerton (Bry Webb & the Providers, Cuff the Duke), though further musical contributions also come courtesy of Raven Shields, Kelly Wallraff, Paul Lowman and others.
Like the rest of the album, "Sentimental Sounds" hears Monoogian coming to terms with his own faults, triumphs and personal growth. In a statement, he describes the song as "a slightly fantastical idea of trying to make your dreams come true" while "also dealing with the reality of the world and the pressures of making yourself financially stable."
On a deeper level, it's about "knowing that there's something real and transcendent that is beyond everyday life" and accepting that "there's a timeline in life, but you know that deep down in your mind it can't be changed."
That message is expressed in the lush, yet organic-feeling song, blending acoustic strums, soaring string arrangements and Monoogian's mesmerizing voice. It builds into a rich, layered anthem, incorporating electric guitars and thumping percussion, but never losing heart. Hear it for yourself by giving "Sentimental Sounds" a spin in the player below.

Tour dates:
10/06 Guelph, ON - eBar (NDP Fundrasier)
10/08 Guelph, ON - Delhi St. Bistro
11/06 Guelph, ON - eBar *
11/07 Owen Sound, ON - Bleeding Carrot
11/08 Ottawa, ON - Raw Sugar *
11/13 Peterborough, ON -The Spill *
11/19 Toronto, ON - Saving Gigi *
11/25 Toronto, ON - The Dakota *
11/28 St. Catharines, ON - Mahtay
* with Lowlands