Mastodon Reveal 'The Hunter' Tracklisting, Interactive 3D Experience

Mastodon Reveal 'The Hunter' Tracklisting, Interactive 3D Experience
Slowly but surely, heavy metal juggernauts Mastodon have been letting the details slip on their upcoming LP, The Hunter, but the band have now dropped the mother lode. A full tracklisting has now been posted for the set, and not only that, Mastodon have also unveiled a 3D promotional tie-in.

A press release confirms that The Hunter will be released in regular and special editions, with two extra cuts to be featured on the latter. The standard set holds 13 mammoth cuts, including the recently premiered "Black Tongue," while the deluxe version will be released as a with extra tracks "The Ruiner" and "Deathbound," not to mention the videos for "Black Tongue" and "Deathbound" on a bonus DVD. A limited-edition package on the band's site also includes a 20" x 30" lenticular poster of the artwork and a download of next single "Curl of the Burl." It can be ordered now for $49.99.

In perhaps the weirdest news about The Hunter yet, besides the fact that it includes a song called "Bedazzled Fingernails," is that all versions will let fans participate in an interactive program called Augmented Reality. Once accessed, the program "combines virtual and real worlds to create a 3D one-of-a-kind interactive experience that users can control."

The statement explains that, using the camera on your computer, you'll be able past your face onto The Hunter's cover art. So if you want to see what you'd look like as a multi-tongued woodland creature, you might want to grab this one asap.

As previously reported, The Hunter comes out September 27 courtesy of Warner/Reprise.

The Hunter:

1. "Black Tongue"

2. "Curl Of The Burl"

3. "Blasteroid"

4. "Stargasm"

5. "Octopus Has No Friends"

6. "All The Heavy Lifting"

7. "The Hunter"

8. "Dry Bone Valley"

9. "Thickening"

10. "Creature Lives"

11. "Spectrelight"

12. "Bedazzled Fingernails"

13. "The Sparrow"

14. "The Ruiner" ( limited edition only)

15. "Deathbound" (limited edition only)